HOTTERdog dog Jumper


HOTTERdog dog Jumper

The HOTTERdog Jumper covers the torso embracing the chest, belly and front legs, and extends to the base of the tail giving maximum warmth and incredible freedom of movement for the tiniest dog or most hectic greyhound.

Strap-free with no pressure points, the jumper is suited for short and long-term wear. Not only is the fleece water-repellent and washable but also it is extremely effective for drying off wet dogs such as working dogs or after swimming or hydrotherapy.

The fleece fabric is expressly designed to wick moisture away from the body into the atmosphere while retaining body heat – a much more effective and comfortable alternative to leaving a dog in a wet towelling bag.

The HOTTERdog Jumper comes in 5 sizes, Chihuahua  to rottweiler and in 5 colours: black, red, forest green, grape and royal blue.

The packaging has a hanger for easy display and has clear instructions on how to measure, fit, remove and wash the garment.

See the measuring guide tab below for the perfect fit.


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  • Personalise your dog jumper


    Let us embroider your dog’s name on their jumper, or for that extra special touch add their name and a paw print motif.

    Your dog’s name is embroidered on the back of the jumper    

    When choosing a colour for the embroidery pick a colour which contrasts with the colour of the coat.

    IF you want any help or have a special requirement not shown here please ask, we will be more than happy to advise you.

    Personalisation costs £5 per jumper have a name embroidered.

    To add a paw print motif is an extra £2 per jumper. ( The position of the paw print will vary depending on the length of the name

    • 5 £

    Stitch-it Tip:When choosing a colour for embroidery choose a colour that contrasts with the colour of the jumper

    • 2 £
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